Date of Defense



Social Work

First Advisor

Barbara L. Van Eck, Visiting Nurse & Hospice

Second Advisor

Susan Weinger, Social Work

Third Advisor

Donald Cooney, Social Work


Hospice Care, Bereavement Process, Bereavement Counseling


This year I did my social work field placement at Visiting Nurse and Hospice Services in the Hospice Department. my work with the dying and their families before death, and my follow-up work with the bereaved, was interesting, complex, and inspiring. The compassion these people aroused in me led me to seven incredible people who courageously shared the story of their loss with me, so that I could learn and I could share their experiences with others through this project. I found that these individuals had a great deal in common throughout their experience, and I will summarize the stages of their journeys in this project.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only