Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Gender and Women's Studies

First Advisor

Susan K. Freeman, Gender and Women's Studies

Second Advisor

Sean O'Callaghan, Lancaster University


Queer, Christology, LGBT


A growing field of study, queer Christology explores Jesus’ salvation message “from the social location of sexual orientation” (Bohache, 115). About more than just tolerance, queer Christology presents a message of gender liberation as it is encoded in interpretations of Jesus’ preaching. My project, Come As You Are: Queer Christology from the Perspective of LGBT Christians, addresses how this accepting Christological view is being felt by LBT Christians. Beyond, this my project addresses why this study is relevant to Christianity and the world at large.

My project begins with a brief introduction that addresses how I as an author came to the topic at hand. I address why I find the topic relevant to modern practices of Christianity as well as larger movements towards acceptances regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. From this point I address the framework of what Christological study aims to do and how queer Christology differs from other Christologies. I look to feminist Christology so as to verse my reader in the theoretical groundwork that much queer Christology grew out of. After explaining the theoretical groundwork, my project delves into lived experiences and opinions regarding queer Christology.

I conducted social research in the form of unstructured interviews with members of the local Christian community who also identify as members of the LGBT community. From these interviews I have gleaned how members of these two communities are interpreting Jesus’ messages as applicable to their own life experiences. Furthermore, this area of my project looks beyond the question of “How are Christian churches embracing tolerance towards the LGBT community?” and instead explore how LGBT Christians are actively recasting Jesus’ message as queer. Ultimately, my project posits there is still much more to be explored in this realm.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only