Almost Dying

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For our honors college thesis, we chose to plan and hold a reading of the summer Prague program participants. Therefore, in addition to what we both wrote and read at the reading, a lot of work was put into planning and publicizing the reading, finding a venue and consulting with our mentor on how many readers we should take as well as whether or not the order of the readers was important.

All of these components were integral to our final project, which was held in mid- February at the Strutt in downtown Kalamazoo. The reading was a success, with a packed house and almost 20 different readers, both those who were part of the Prague Summer Program 2008 and those who were interested in going to Prague this coming summer.

We have also each attached what exactly we read at the reading, but wanted to make it known that there were other components of the project that were unable to be given to the LHC on paper.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only