Date of Defense



Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Rosalia Kiss


programmed instruction, programmed text, programming, wood-carving


Two-part thesis consisting of a paper, "A Paper to Describe and Evaluate the Two-Semester Independent Study Leading to the Preparation of Programed Woodcarving" and manual.This is a programed manual designed to enable the user to instruct himself in the terminology and basic techniques utilized in the woodcarving process. Two assumptions served as a basis for the study. First, that the principles of programed learning are applicable to motor skill learning of craft activities utilized in occupational therapy. These principles are 1.) information presented in logical sequences of small steps; 2.) continual active responding by user at each step; 3.) Immediate reinforcement; and 4.) self-pacing. Secondly, that programed instruction has implications for occupational therapy. Programing could provide an effective method for individual therapists to familiarize themselves with new techniques and media. Selected patients could utilize a program to teach themselves the activity. The method of study involved investigation of programing theories and techniques as well as exploring actual activity media.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only