Best Midwestern High School Writing 2013 Winners

The Records

Kimberly M. Sampson, Freeland High School

Vary rarely can young writers paint a dystopian society well. Kimberly’s piece, “The Records”, does just that. Kimberly’s imaginative creation of a dystopian society is smart, satirical, and suspenseful. Kimberly is great at providing foreshadowing while still keeping the reader in suspense. Kimberly also uses this piece well to create multiple themes and questions that make one question our society today.

To be answered by the student

"The Records" creates a futuristic society with great depth, history, and description in under 2,500 words. Immediately, a connection is made to Cyprus and her family that enables a reader to truly care about their well-being. It is written in such a way that a reader is intrigued and filled with questions within the first few moments of beginning to read the piece. The force of the overpowering Government is unsettling and encourages readers to question the society we all live in today. It effectively incorporates elements of science fiction, drama, and satirical writing while allowing present day readers to connect with the characters' timeless struggles.