Best Midwestern High School Writing 2013 Winners

Reflecting after 92 Years

Katelyn Q. Wehrle

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide this recommendation for my student, Katelyn Wehrle. Katelyn's submission, Reflecting after 92 Years, is a wonderful example of her abilities. This short story provides the reader with a distinct narrative voice yet a varying perspective as we watch the grandson's perception of his great-grandmother change through his experience with her.

Katelyn is a student who appreciates the importance of good writing, both from the viewpoint of a reader and a writer herself. As is evidenced in this selection, she is talented at setting a scene and incorporating important nuances of a story to engage the reader and encourage a relationship between the reader and the character.

I hope you will enjoy her short story as much as I have, and find her submission worthy of your award. Katelyn is a talented young writer whose abilities are sure to grow as she matures and develops her craft.


Mrs. Shawn Durso
Milford High School
English Department Chair

To be answered by the student

My short short story, Reflecting after 92 Years,is outstanding because it not only reminds the reader a milestone in a child's life, much like when a child finds out Santa's true identity, it also connects the reader to its characters by its discernible voice and narrative. I hope you enjoy my short story as many others have.