Best Midwestern High School Writing 2013 Winners

Cherished, Valued, Mourned

Sami S. Ahmad

What I find especially delighting about this piece of poetry Sami wrote is the personification he utilized in making the ocean seem like a human female. I also loved how we never truly find out who the poem is addressed to, although it is implied, until the final line. The change of tone in the middle of the third stanza is effective in its mood change. I found all of these aspects to be enjoyable about this poem.

To be answered by the student

I find my description of the ocean outstanding. The metaphors I used, for example beacon and jewel, help to shift the focus from "water" and more towards a human figure. I also enjoy the genuine aspect of my poem. It is hard for me to write a genuine poem such as this, but in CHerised, Valued, Mourned I think I hit the right tone.