Best Midwestern High School Writing 2013 Winners

The Huge Problem of the Social Networking Site

Cynthia Yue

Cynthia has done her research. She shares her personal insights regarding social media with support from multiple sources. Cynthia's ability to synthesize information from many sources into a well-rounded essay is her strength. She uses solid evidence and well-integrated quotes to support her thesis, whereas many students at her age tend to summarize or paraphrase ideas from other sources without proving a unique thesis.

To be answered by the student

The world is constantly moving forward, changing day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute: The world's technology is changing with it. Therefore, this piece is truly outstanding because it discusses these topics: It discusses the social networking site. A new form of communication, these sites have provided new means of making friends and connecting with them. However, they also create huge problems to their users, physically, emotionally, and educationally. After an exhaustive examination of several articles that deal with the disputatious issue of the social networking site, an answer can be found: The disadvantages heavily outweigh the advantages. Physically, they can create many disorders and health problems; drug and alcohol addictions also are consequences of the use of social networking sites. Social networking site users also become burdened with emotional problems, whether it be new narcissistic personalities or lower self-esteems. Additionally, educational problems emerge with users having lower grades and examination scores than people who do not use social networking sites. The social networking site, thus, is riddled with disadvantages—far more than the advantages. Therefore, by discussing not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of social networking sites, this piece is outstanding.