Best Midwestern High School Writing 2013 Winners

If God is God, then Super-God is God’s God.

Andrew J. Angel, Portage Northern / ATYP

January 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve been honored by the request to write a letter of recommendation for AJ Angel in reference to the research paper he submitted to me for an Academically Talented Youth Program class assignment. In response, please consider the following remarks on his behalf.

The forest is but an acorn. As every forest actually begins from a few small seeds, so do the ideals of humankind; they begin as thoughts in one person’s mind. Perhaps these thoughts are in response to a query or a problem faced; perhaps they are simply musings of an intrigued mind. Whatever the case, the ideas that forest citizens’ minds in a society are rooted in a seed that was nurtured and grew into something greater than itself. The way in which AJ Angel addresses ideas is as an acorn falling to the forest floor: the fertile ground of his mind nurtures a concept bringing forth a wealth of new possibilities.

In reading AJ Angel’s essay, “If God is God, then Super-God is God’s God,” I was once again struck by his ability to grapple with apparently obtuse concepts and manipulate them in an effort to make sense of each and further, to understand the relationship these ideas had with one another. AJ is a true thinker. He likes nothing more than to ponder and pose questions, and is quick to assimilate information recognizing both its apparent as well as intrinsic value.

This paper is a good example of how a writer can use both microscopic and telescopic thinking simultaneously: on one hand, he examines an idea closely with great scrutiny, holding it in historical context—but then he pulls that concept back and forth through time as though viewing it through a telescope. The result is that of great perspective, forwarding the purpose of his argument.

I heartily recommend this essay for serious consideration in this competition.


Laura Livingstone-McNelis

English Teacher

Academically Talented Youth Program

Lee Honors College

Western Michigan University

To be answered by the student

This essay extrapolates upon the most difficult, polarized topic mankind has ever faced - no, I'm not talking about politics. Each and every individual alive has some religious understanding. Most human beings relate to a specific religious affiliation, whilst a minute few promote ignorance to such concepts as the greatest bliss. In the middle of the spectrum lies the hated individual that dare speak out against the dearest brain-child of humanity - religion. The strictly logical approach that this essay employs to tackle this delicate topic is influential, understandable, and sensitive to the most obedient of faith. Instead of attacking religion and its basic illogical premises, this essay turns to the very root of man's inception; like no other interpretation before it, the deconstruction, reconstruction, and logical premise behind the highly unique arguments presented within the essay grab hold of the readers intrinsic understanding of society, humanity, conspiracy, and human nature in order to reveal a truth that most people have never even considered.