Best Midwestern High School Writing 2013 Winners


Catherine Seibert, Genesee Christian School

Catherine has a very distinctive writing style that is not only enjoyable to read but also difficult to stop reading. Her writing sucks you in, from one word to the next, until you have raced to the finish with many chuckles, face scrunches, and sympathetic sounds behind you. Her ability to write as though you are sitting right next to her, listening to her speak, is one of the many things I would consider outstanding about this piece. Teresa L.. Cannon

To be answered by the student

This piece depicts a grueling situation that a young woman has chosen to endure. She is willingly subjecting herself to intense hardships in order to better herself psychically, psychologically, and emotionally. A key aspect of this piece is that the character is easily removed and substituted with others. This perspective, with adaptation to certain specifics, could apply to a young man in his twenties, a breast cancer survivor proving her regained strength to herself, or an old man in his eighties still pursuing his passion. Anyone can see this through their own eyes.

Catherine C. Seibert