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Any individuals cycle, competitively or recreationally, for enjoyment or to increase fitness. Although cycling can increase overall cardiovascular fitness while imposing minimal stress on the lower extremity joints, cycling for an extended period of time may render an individual susceptible to undesirable conditions, including tendonitis, bursitis, nerve pathology, impotence, and more commonly, saddle (seat) soreness. Saddle sores usually present as skin lesions of the inner groin and inguinal fold, which are commonly classified into three categories on the basis of severity: (a) chafing, (b) skin ulcerations, and (c) furuncles and folliculitis. The purpose of this report is to discuss different types of saddle sores that afflict cyclists and to inform clinicians about strategies cyclists can employ to prevent the development of these sores.

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Miller, M., & Berry, D. (2007). Back in the saddle again: How to prevent cycling saddle sores. Athletic Therapy Today, 12(4), 19-21.