Paulos Milkias

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Paulos Milkias


Concordia University

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Professor Paulos Milkias, from the Political Science Department at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, earned his MA and Ph.D. [Dean’s Honor List] from McGill University. His major publications include: Ethiopia: A Comprehensive Bibliography (G.K. Hall/Macmillan, 1989) that is widely cited in the Oxford Guide to Library Research, 2001; The Battle of Adwa: Reflections on the Historic Victory of Ethiopia over European Colonialism [Co-edited] (Algora Publishing, 2005); Haile Selassie, Western Education and Political Revolution in Ethiopia (Cambria Press, 2006); Developing the Global South: A United Nations Prescription for the Third Millennium (Algora Publishing, 2010); Paulos Milkias Dictionary of Ethiopian Christianity (University Press of America, 2010) Education, Politics and Social Change in Ethiopia [Co-edited] (Tsehai Publications, Marymount University, 2010); and Africa in Focus: Ethiopia (ABC-CLIO, 2011). Prof. Paulos was an Associate Editor of Nelson’s New Christian Dictionary (Thomas Nelson, 2001), and Contributing Author to the World Education Encyclopedia (Facts on File Publications, 1988), as well as the Encyclopedia Aethiopica (University of Hamburg, 2006). His most recent publication is “Ethiopia,” in Africa: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society (Oxford: ABC-CLIO, 2016). His semiannual online publication is The Tragedy in Darfur: ABC-CLIO Project (Santa Barbara, 2008). He has also been, inter alia, Co-Editor of North-East-African Studies (Michigan State University), and is currently Associate Editor of the Horn of Africa Journal (Rutgers University). Prof. Paulos, who has published scores of peer-reviewed articles in well- known academic journals, has been interviewed by major international media including CBC, CTV, ABC, Fox, VOA, ETV and ESAT.

Paulos Milkias