Publisher and Managing Editor: Norman N. Goroff, University of Connecticut, School of Social Work

Editor: Ralph Segalman, Department of Sociology, California State University, Northridge

Associate Editors: A.K. Basu, Department of Sociology, California State University, Hayward, Harris Chaiklin, School of Social Work and Community Planning, University of Maryland, Ivor Echols, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut, Charles Guzzetta, School of Social Work, Hunter College, City University of New York, Joan Wallace, School of Social Work, Howard University


  • Social Science and Social Welfare: Towards A Society for the Solution of Social Problems - ANDREW BILLINGSLEY, Page 1
  • Perspectives on Youthful Deviance: Implications for Social Policies - ALBERT S. ALISSI, Page 13
  • Representativeness in Government-A Role for Social Planning Councils - ALAN COHEN, Page 25
  • Public Housing As An Instrument of Income Distribution: Social and Economic Impact - JOHN P. HUTTMAN & ELIZABETH D. HUTTMAN, Page 36
  • Racial Conflict and Institutionalization of Social Welfare Decision Making - WALTER W. STAFFORD, Page 46
  • Public Concepts of Poverty: The County Commissioner's View - CHARLES E. RAMSEY and RITA BRAITO, Page 65
  • Sociology and Social Work: Science and Art? - ROBERT D. LEIGHNINGER, LESLIE H. LEIGHNINGER and ROBERT M. PANKIN, Page 81
  • The Swedish Child Welfare Worker: Estrangement and Alienation in an "Ideal" Situation, Implications for American Social Policy - WAYNE PLASEK, Page 90
  • Letters from the Editors inside back cover.

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