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The non-"misandrist" mainstream of the women's movement has suggested that, more than women being liberated from male oppression, both sexes need to be liberated from the tyranny of culturally determined sex roles, the last bastion of ascribed status. If all social roles were androgynous they could be based on more relevant criteria. For example, children would be encouraged to develop skills and talents without regard for their "appropriateness" to gender, the male-female ratio in the work force and in nearly all specific occupations would be virtually equal, pay would be equal, and the number of female breadwinners would not only equal male breadwinners, but the number of housewives would not greatly exceed the number of househusbands.

It is the contention of this paper that there is no group of women in America more desperately in need of such a sex role revolution than welfare mothers and none less likely to share in one. This is drawn from a review of the literature in answer to these questions: Who are the welfare mothers? How would a sex role revolution affect welfare? Why are welfare mothers especially in need of liberation from sex roles? And what are the factors militating against such liberation?

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