• Reaganism and the Poor Family: Life on AFDC After the Budget Cuts - NORMAN L. WYERS, ROBERT C. HOLLOWAY
  • Will A Private War on Poverty Succeed? The Case of the St. Louis Provident Association - ROBERT H. LAUER, JEANETTE C. LAUER
  • Racial Change or Racial Stabilization: Policy and Process at A Neighborhood Level - JOHN D. MORRISON
  • The Service Orientations of Social Service Administrators: Towards a Normative Model - WALTER LAMENDOLA, PATRICIA YANCEY MARTIN
  • Adult Foster Care: Its Tenuous Position on The Care Continuum - RUTH E. DUNKLE
  • Social Workers Who Left the Profession: An Exploratory Study - JAMES HERRICK, CALVIN Y. TAKAGI, ROBERT COLEMAN, LINDA JEWELL MORGAN
  • A Comparison of Social Service Workers' and the Public's Views of Nursing Home Characteristics - LUCINDA LEE ROFF
  • Going Among Them: The Evolution of the Home Visit - TERRY HOLBROOK
  • Qualitative Methodology, Hypothesis Testing and the Needs Assessment - JOHN W. MURPHY
  • Variables Influencing Publication In the Field of Social Work - JOHN S. WODARSKI, MICHAEL BRENNER


  • The New Class War: Reagan's Attack On The Welfare State and Its Consequences by Francis Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward. Reviewed by SAMUEL R. FRIEDMAN
  • Social Service Politics In the United States and Britain by Willard C. Richan. Reviewed by GARY P. FREEMAN
  • Mothers At Work: Public Policies In the United States. Sweden and China by Carolyn Teich Adams and Kathryn Teich Winston. Reviewed by SUSAN MEYERS CHANDLER

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