• Long-Term Trends in Public Concerns in Two Societies - RACHEL KATS
  • Ideology and Opportunity in Social Work During the New Deal Years - NORMA KOLKO PHILLIPS
  • Applying the "Unmotivated" Label to Clients in Social Service Agencies - BEN-ZION COHEN
  • The Immobility of Low-Paid Workers - MARSHALL I. POMER
  • Public Preferences Concerning Future Directions in Social Security - DAVID L. KLEMMACK, LUCINDA L. ROFF
  • Tracing the Conception and Meaning of The Age Discrimination in Employment Act: Where Are We With Mandatory Retirement? - MONICA FERRELLI
  • Students' Views on the Future of Social Work - DONALD E. MAYPOLE, JAMES G. McCULLAGH
  • Professional Development of the BSW Student - JOAN M. MERDINGER
  • Verbal Strategies That Succeed When Job Performance Fails or How to Eschew Social Work Through Convincing Conversation - MICHELLE WATERS, PAULA DRESSEL
  • Evolution of Adult Foster Care - JOHN M. McCOIN
  • Understanding a Presented Problem From a Phenomenological Perspective - ANANT JAIN
  • Health and Social Welfare Needs of the Elderly: A Preliminary Study - BAXTER WRIGHT, BRUCE A. THYER, DIANA DiNITTO

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