• Editorial - ROBERT D. LEIGHNINGER, JR.
  • Individual Experience and Critical Consciousness: Sources of Change in Everyday Life - DAVID GIL
  • AFDC Encounters Joint Custody: Business as Usual Is not the Solution - JAN C. HAGEN
  • Role Ambiguity Among Foster Parents: Semi-Professionals in Professionalizing Organizations - KENNETH J. MIETUS, MICHAEL D. FIMMEN
  • Older Blacks' Predictions of Their Social Support Networks - BRENDA CRAWLEY
  • Setting Funding Priorities in the Voluntary Sector: A Case Study From the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles - SAUL ANDRON
  • Stress of the Caregiver: Effective Management of Dementia Patients in Hospital and Community Settings - RUTH E. DUNKLE, MICHAEL NEVIN
  • The Impact of Program Centralization on the Utilization of Social Services: The Case of the SSI Program - YOSSEF MELLER, NANCY MUDRICK
  • The Effect of Changes in the Federal Disability Programs on State and Local General Assistance Programs - COURTNEY SCHERER PETERSEN, ERIC R. KINGSTON
  • Professional Autonomy in Community Mental Health Centers - WILLIAM E. BUFFUM
  • SYMPOSIUM ON "Professional Achievement in Social Work"
  • Introduction - ROBERT D. LEIGHNINGER, JR.
  • Professional Achievement in Social Work - HARRY SPECHT, DORIS BRITT, CHARLES FROST
  • Comment on "Professional Achievement in Social Work" - HARRIS CHAIKLIN
  • A Response to "Professional Achievement in Social Work" - TIMOTHY LAUSE
  • Rejoinder - HARRY SPECHT
  • In Search of the Continuum: Graduate School Performance of BSW and Non-BSW Degree Holders - ANNE E. FORTUNE, ROBERT G. GREEN, MICHAEL S. KOLEVZON
  • REVIEW OF Men and Abortion.Arthur Shostak, Gary McLouth & Lynn Seng. New York: Praeger, 1984 -

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