As you may have noticed, there've been some changes made. Norman Goroff, our Founding Editor and Publisher, has decided that putting the Journal out by himself while trying to maintain his University's extension program in upper New England is too much work. Norm has published the Journal at the University of Connecticut since its beginning; he and Ralph Segalman, the other Founding Editor, shared the editing chores. Six years ago, they turned that responsibility over to me; but Norm continued to do the publishing. Since this separation of offices has been a constant source of confusion to our authors, subscribers, and even ourselves, moving the publishing operation to Western Michigan University seemed a natural step. What made it possible was the willingness of Ed Pawlak and Danny Thompson, who served as editors in 1983-84 while I was in England, to help shoulder the new load. Danny will handle subscriptions and oversee general business matters. Ed will deal with the typesetters and printers and help with editing. The three of us will attend to editorial matters and to planning and developing the Journal. Together, we will be able to attend more accurately and promptly to the needs of authors and subscribers. It may be too much to ask, but we may even be able to bring the Journal out on time.

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