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  • The Swiss Way of Welfare: Lessons for the Western World. Ralph Segalman. New York: Praeger, 1986, 205 pp., $39.95. - Reviewed by Isidor Walliman
  • Vieillesses: Situations, Itineraires et Modes de Vie des Personnes Agees Aujourd'Hui. Christian Lalive d'Epiany (Ed.). Saint Saphorin, Switzerland: Edition Georgi, 1983. - Reviewed by Elizabeth D. Huttman with the assistance of Anna Marie Rampmaier and W and N. Weber.
  • Wohlfahrtsstaat Schweiz (The Swiss Welfare State). Antonin Wagner. Bern: Paul Haupt, 1985, 248 pp., S.E 32. - Reviewed by Shimon S. Gottschalk
  • The Mean Season: The Attack on the Welfare State. Fred Block, Richard A. Cloward, Barbara Ehrenreich, Frances Fox Piven. New York: Pantheon Books, 1987, 205 pp., $8.95. - Reviewed by Robert Sheak
  • Shared Responsibility: Families and Social Policy. Robert M. Moroney. Hawthorne, N.Y.: Aldine Publishing Co., 1986, $31.95 cloth, $14.94 paper. - Reviewed by Christina R. Curtiss.

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