• Letter to the Editor - pp 109
  • A Holistic Perspective on Child Abuse and Its Prevention - David G. Gill - pp 110
  • Towards a Radical Reassessment of Social Work Values - Shimon S. Gottschalk - pp 126
  • Ethics Shock: Technology, Life Styles and Future Practice - Sonia Leib Abels, Paul Abels, Samuel A. Richmond - pp 140
  • The Social-Psychology of Small Groups: Relevancy of Social Work Practice with Groups - Martha E. Gentry - pp 155
  • The Myth of a Population Explosion in America: Implications for the Social Welfare Profession - Lillian T. Cochran, James M. O'Kane- pp 168
  • The Nonprofessional and the Professional Cultures: A Dilemma for Social Work - Edward Allan Brawley - pp 182
  • Transforming the Orientation of a Health Organization Through Community Involvement - Sharon Pastor Simson, Laura J. Bleiweiss - pp 198

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