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Book Reviews




  • Profiles in International Social Work. Merl C. Hokenstad, S. K. Khinduka and James Midgley (Eds.) Reviewed by Fredrick L. Ahearn, Jr. Catholic University of America.
  • Internationalizing Social Work Education. Richard Estes. Reviewed by Charles Guzzetta, Hunter College.
  • The Welfare State in Israel. Abraham Doron and Ralph Kramer, Reviewed by Howard Jacob Karger, Louisianna State University.
  • The Radical Right and the Welfare State: An International Assessment. Howard Glennerster and James Midgley (Eds.). Reviewed by Michael Sherraden, Washington University.
  • The New Eastern Europe: Social Policy Past, Present and Future. Bob Deacon. Social Policy, Social Justice and Citizenship in Eastern Europe. Bob Deacon (Ed). Reviewed by James Midgley, Louisiana State University.
  • Social Welfare in Socialist Countries. John Dixon and David Macarov. Reviewed by James 0. Billups, The Ohio State University.
  • Divisions of Welfare: A Critical Introduction. N. Ginsburg. Reviewed by Howard Jacob Karger. Louisiana State University.

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