"In passing the Older Americans Act of 10(5, the Congress took the position that 'in keeping with the inherent dignity of the individual, older people of our Nation are entitled to suitable housing, individually selected, designed and located with reference to special needs and available at costs which older people can afford'" From studies that have been done in different parts of the country, it has been found that most older people prefer independent living arrangements over living with children or in nursing homes. Housing becomes increasingly important as people get older. In a report on housing from the 1971 White House Conference on Aging it was stated "aside from his spouse, housing" is probably the single most important element in the life of an older person. . .. Most of his satisfactions are house oriented. He spends more time in his home than almost anyone else over the age of five. And just as more of his satisfactions are bound up in his sense of home, so more and more of his problems are house generated." There is a severe shortage of low-rent housing for the poor elderly in the United States.

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