• The New Left and the Human Service Professions - Robert J. S. Ross
  • Ryan Revisited: Updating the Prevalence of Bastards – Hudson R. A. Rosen, Lois J. Martindale
  • The Non-Verbal Communication of the Physical Handicapped - Mary Jo Deegan
  • Social Welfare and Danish Communes: An International Case Study - Thomas H. Shey
  • Russia and America Compared: How Heavy is Our Welfare Burden – David Makofsky
  • Ex Post Facto Evaluation of Neighborhood Organization Programs - Shimon E. Spiro
  • The Prestige and Effectiveness of the Public Welfare Worker - Richard M. Grinnell, Nancy S. Kyte
  • Three Strategies for Reducing Involuntary Segregation – Juliet Saltman
  • Observations on an Emerging Profession - Lincoln J. Fry, Jon Miller

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