What is the real threat to world peace and social security? Is it the prevalent ideology of violence, aggressive nationalism, and militarism? Or is it the maldistribution of resources, technology, and social welfare benefits? How much of itsnational budget must the U.S. allocate to military expenditures? How can the national budget priorities be changed so there is a more realistic funding of social programs? Do we face as great a threat of nuclear annihilation in the '70's and the '80's as we did in the early '60's?

These are some of the questions the editors asked of 96 "experts" on the warfare- welfare problem. In all, 18 persons responded to the invitation, including 22% of the social scientists (N=11), 10% of the writers and editors (N=l), 25% of the executives of peace organizations (N=5), 10% of the elected government officials (N=l), and none of the military leaders. The names and affiliations of participants are indicated on the following page.

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