Feminism, anorexia, yoga, therapeutic intervention


Eating disorders disproportionately afflict women and they are one of the most lethal mental health conditions that practitioners in the field of social work and related mental health fields encounter. Equally alarming is the fact that Anorexia Nervosa is the deadliest of all eating disorders, yet, we are struggling to find an efficacious means of successfully intervening in the treatment and recovery maintenance of anorexia. Drawing from past empirical and theoretical literature, this study explored the potential that the mind body practice of yoga might hold as a complementary therapeutic tool for women struggling to recover from anorexia. The findings that emerged from the analysis of this study's data indicate that yoga can play a curative role with this population. The findings also revealed that yoga's primary efficacy resides in its potential to facilitate an experience of connected acceptance and feelings of empowerment in this population of women.

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