Dimensions of Charity versus Development: The Century-Old Debate in the Profession of Social Work- Héctor Luis Díaz and Antonio López Peláez

Common Law, Charity and Human Rights as Responses to the Socio-Economic Crisis in Galicia, Spain Francisco- Xabier Aguiar Fernández, Santiago Prado Conde, and Carmen Verde Diego

Maximization vs. Inclusion as a Value Conflict in Development Work- Johnny Ramírez-Johnson, Héctor Luis Díaz, and Vijayan Kumara Pillai

Use of Technology, Pedagogical Approaches and Intercultural Competence in Development - Dee Ann Sherwood, Marian Tripplett, Sarah Hoyle-Katz, and Joy Langereis

The Debate on Minimum Income in Spain: Charity, Development or Citizen Right -Arantxa Hernández-Echegaray and Javier Pacheco-Mangas

Class Activist Lens for Teaching about Poverty - Susan Weinger and Linda Reeser

International Service-Learning Trips: A Framework for Developing Cross-Cultural Competence - Mioara Diaconu, Laura Racovita-Szilagyi, and Aida Neacsu

Knowledge Transfer for Full Citizenship: The Educational Model of Innovation in Social Work Francisco- Javier García-Castilla and Eloy Vírseda

Global Interdependence and its Effects on Social Work Education in the United States- Mioara Diaconu, Laura Racovita-Szilagyi, and Samantha Graham

The Importance of Social Work in the Latin American Association Movement of People Affected by Low Prevalence Diseases - Enrique Pastor Seller, Juan Carrión Tudela, and Antonio M. Bañón Hernández

Assisting the Most Vulnerable Populations in the Regions of La Rioja and the Maghreb: the Human Rights-Based Approach and Social Work - Neus Caparrós Civera, Domingo Carbonero Muñoz, and Esther Raya Díez

Social Work and Accessibility of Persons with Disabilities in Mexico: Hidden Barriers - María del Carmen Martín Cano and Yolanda María de la Fuente Robles

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