Development, inclusion, social work, functional disability, accessibility


This article proposes that a thorough understanding of the concept of diversity should facilitate the full inclusion of all people in society. Furthermore, it proposes that we should look at diversity and inclusion from a community perspective. Consistent with these premises, Mexico has recently taken a significant leap forward by developing programs to serve functionally diverse people. Most significantly, the federal government has created the National Program for the Wellbeing and Development of People with Disabilities that is sponsored by the executive branch of government. The creation of this program followed the dissemination by the National System for the Integral Development of Families, of the work conducted by the National Board for the Development and Inclusion of People with Disabilities (CONADIS, in Spanish), the Advisory Council for the People with Disabilities, other civic organizations, and people with disabilities and their families. The authors conclude that, in spite of the considerable progress observed, there are still invisible or hidden barriers to a full social integration of persons with disabilities.

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