Transphobia, cissexism, social work education, anti-trans legislation


EG (they/them): I was misgendered on day one of my BSW program; isolation and transphobia continued for two years. While I did my best to advocate for myself, I learned that you can't fight institutionally entrenched oppression alone.

MP (they/them): EG joined my class mid-semester after repeated incidents of transphobia. For two years, during an onslaught of anti-trans policies across the U.S., we advocated for changes in our school and social work education.

EG’s experience is not unique. Numerous studies document transphobia experienced by transgender and gender expansive (TGE) social work students and the lack of TGE content, visibility, and support for TGE students in social work education programs. Through a narrative reflection of our own experiences situated within the context of research on TGE students in social work, this commentary issues a call to action for social work education within the broader contexts of a national anti-trans political climate and the values and core competencies of social work education.

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