Carl Jung's contributions to psychology, psychotherapy, and social science have had little impact upon social wonk practice. Social Work Abstracts to lists only one article where Jungian theory is utilized by social workers. McBroom has recently written an article "The Collective Unconscious as a Unifying Concept in Teaching Human Behavior Cross Culturally:" If only two articles about Jungian psychology have appeared in the social work literature in the last twelve years it seems safe to assume either that the ,Jungian oriented social workers practice their Jung underground and fail to publish on that Jung remains anathema to the profession.

In part one of this article an attempt will be made to understand why social work has chosen to ignore Jung's teachings. The incompatibility of Jungian and social wonk theory is the content of the second part of the paper. The paper proposes that the incorporation of Jungian theory into social wonk theory may inspire our future creative growth as a profession.

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