Table of Contents

  • Values Classification through Science Fiction - Phyllis J. Day
  • Multiple Constituencies, Differential Power, and the Question of Effectiveness in Human Service Organizations - Patricia Yancey Martin
  • The Influence of Bureaucratic Factors on Welfare Policy Implementation - Gerard S. Gryski, Charles L. Usher
  • Human Service Needs in Rapidly Growing Western Communities: The Wyoming House Services Project - One Response - Julie M. Uhlmann, John W. Hanks,
  • A Comparison of Social Psychological Views among Youthful and Aged Persons: An Empirical Assessment or Marginally Differentiated Attitude Measures - Dennis L. Peck, David L. Klemmack
  • Factors Influencing Senate Voting Patterns on Social Work Related Legislation - Joyce Littell Smith, Gail Marie Sullivan
  • The Political Economy of Unemployment - Howard J. Stanback
  • Toward a Meaning of Work - I. Michael Borrero, Hector A. Rivera
  • Helping the Unemployment Client - Katherine Hooper Briar
  • The Impact of Unemployment on Young, Middle-Aged and Aged Workers - Katharine Hooper Brair
  • Psychological and Emotional Impact of Unemployment - Michael Borrero

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