Table of Contents

  • Humanism and Social Work Paradoxes, Problems, and Promise - NORMAN GOROFF
  • Applied Sociology, Social Engineering, and Human Rationality - JOHN W. MURPHY
  • Heritage and Politics of Poverty and Inequality for Rural Women - EDITH A. CHEITMAN
  • Social Welfare: Context for Social Control - PHYLLIS J. DAY
  • Social Values in Social Work: A Developmental Model - DAVID BARGAL
  • Social Work Response to Problems of Occupational Health - JOANNE JANKOVIC & DAVID DOTSON
  • Welfare Reform and the Possible Demise of White Paternalism and Black Flight in Mississippi - LEWIS WALKER & CHESTER L. HUNT
  • Child Health and Developmental Problems and Child Maltreatment Among AFDC Families - ISAEEL WOLOCK
  • Making it Legal: A Comparison of Previously Cohabiting and Engaged Newlyweds - BASIL J. SHERLOCK
  • Community Service and Older Americans - ZEV HAREL & RUTH ELLEN LINDENBERG
  • The Price of Unemployment and Inflation and Who Pays - MICHAEL BORERO
  • Poor Urban Blacks and Community Participation - CHARLES STEVENS
  • Boom Town Victims: Social Work's Latest Clients - JOSEPH DAVENPORT III & JUDITH ANN DAVENPORT
  • Factors Distinguishing Urban and Rural State Mental Hospital Patients in Florida - ELANE M. NUEHRIND & ROBERT A. LADNER
  • The Changing Family and Family Policy - RONALD J. MANCOSKE
  • Benefits for the Disabled: How Beneficial for Women? - ELIZABETH ANN KUTZA
  • Tommy - The Story of an Oppressed Family - KAREN N. BIANCO

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