Table of Contents

  • INTRODUCTION: Women and Disability: The Double Handicap - NANCY BROOKS & MARY JO DEEGAN
  • Disabled Women: Sexism Without the Pedestal (#4) - MICHELLE FINE & ADRIENNE ASCH
  • The Invisible Isolation of Deaf Women: Its Effect on Social Awareness - GAYLENE BECKER & JOANNE JAUS EGUI
  • Assertiveness Training for Women with Visual Impairments - CYNTHIA KOLB
  • Multiple Minority Groups: A Case Study of Physically Disabled Women - MARY JO DEEGAN
  • Benefits for the Disabled: How Beneficial for Women? - ELIZABETH A. KUTZA
  • Women and Chronic Renal Failure: Some Neglected Issues - NANCY G. KUTNER & HEATHER L. GRAY
  • A Peer Counseling Training Program for Disabled Women - MARSHA SAXTON
  • Toward a Model of Factors Influencing the Hiring of Women with a History of Breast Cancer - NANCY McCHAREN & JO ANNE L. EARP
  • Like Other Women: Perspectives of Mothers with Physical Disabilities - SUSAN SHAUL, PAMELA DOWLING & BERNICE F. LADEN
  • Child Abuse in a Small City: Social Psychological an Ecological Correlates - ROERT D. GINGRICH & JAMES R. HUDSON
  • A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Marital Abuse - SUZANNE K. STEINMETZ
  • Social Justice and Rationing Social Services - CLAUDIA J. COULTON & MARVIN ROSENBERG
  • The Self Disclosure of Clinical Social Workers – HERMAN BORENZWEIG

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