Table of Contents

  • Abusers of Clients of Women's Shelter: Their Socialization and Resources - M. M. Brown, B. E. Aguirre, Carol Jorgensen
  • An Examination of Public Housing in the United States after Forty Years - Mary Jo Huth
  • Services Aren't Goods: Post-Industrial Principles for Policy Design - Howell S. Baum
  • Native American Elderly Formal and Informal Support Systems - Gregory R. Versen
  • Factors Affecting the Economic Status of Elderly Chicanos - Alejandro Garcia
  • The Future of Welfare Programs in the United States: Four Approaches - Wim Weiwel
  • The Reagan Election and Mandate: Their Fiscal Policy Implications for the Welfare State – James Fendrich, Douglas St. Angelo
  • Strategies for Crime Reduction in Public Housing - Mary Jo Huth
  • Assessing Part-Time Education in an M.S.W. Program - Ursula C. Gerhart
  • Criminal Justice Student Views of the Criminal Justice System: The Impact of Education and Self-Selection and Their Implications for the Human Services - Belinda Rodgers McCarthy, Bernard Jerome McCarthy
  • Determinants of Primary Group Assistance During Unemployment - Martin D. Hanlon
  • Organizational Resistance to Serving the Disadvantaged: The Case of A State Employment Service - Ronald Randall
  • Social Network Analysis: A New Tool For Understanding Individual and Family Functioning - Jana H. Pfouts, Ellen J. Safier
  • Child-Care Usage Patterns as Estimates of Child-Care Need - Nancy Hendrix

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