• Reindustrialization and the Future of Social Welfare - STEVE BURGHARDT, MICHAEL FABRICANT • The Domain of Social Work: What is it? - MARY L. WARING, GERALD O'CONNOR • Sociological Perspectives on the Ecological Model - RONALD MANCOSKE • Welfare Legislation and American Poverty Traps: Ironies and Characteristics - RICHARD J. CASTON, THERESA A. VILLANUEVA • Professional Burnout: Sociocultural and Sociopolitical Perspectives - PAULA L. DRESSEL • The Political Influence of Older Americans - JOHN B. WILLIAMSON, LINDA EVANS, LAWRENCE A. POWELL, SHARLENE HESSE-BIBER • Local Government Policy on Aging: New Challenges for Old Problems - CHARLES P. SHANNON • Early Social Security Retirement for Minorities Demographic and Philosophical Fallacies - NATHAN ZIRL, JOHN HEDDERSON • Consumer Participation - The Case of Public Housing - PADI GULATI • Analysis of an Exploration for Training Materials for Training Materials in Child Welfare - JOHN T. PARDECK, REBECCA L. HEGAR • Teenagers' Problems: An Examination of Youth and Adult Perceptions - RICHARD E. ISRALOWITZ, MARK SINGER • Social Work Practice in Health Care: An Ethic Sensitive Approach, ELFRIEDE G. SCHLESINGER, WYNETTA DEVORE • The State Correction Officer as Keeper and Counselor: An Empirical Investigation of the Role - ROBERT B. BLAIR, CLIFFORD M. BLACK

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