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Table of Contents

  • I Ache in Portuguese, Cristal Cardoso Sao Mateus
  • Halloween, Drew Heuermann
  • December 12th, Jared Sebastian
  • Gravity, June Rose
  • Letters I Never Sent, Heaven Barlow
  • Harris Ave After Church, Mary Maroste
  • i’m never believing in god, Kay Tarleton
  • Rapture, Ben Koval
  • Love in the Other Places, Danielle Kropveld
  • When The Person You Love Treats You Badly, Emily W. Recchia
  • Rinse Cycle, Miranda Lopez
  • When My Sister Was A Girl, Heaven Barlow
  • Cocktail Hour in East Berlin, Mary Maroste
  • I am Wild, Courtney Bedrosian
  • Self Portrait with Booze and the Kamasutra, Heaven Barlow
  • RAM, Jack Marsden
  • Cracks in the Pavement, Ben Koval
  • Looking out a Window, Bradley Miller
  • Eye Over Whitehall, Sarah Mead
  • 258 French Hands, Emily W. Recchia
  • January 12th, Jared Sebastian
  • New Stuyahok, Donielle Hart Owens
  • The Influence of the Moon, Adam Schwallie
  • Self Portrait at Dinner, Mary Maroste
  • In the Café Down the Road, Bradley Miller
  • Typical Saturday Night, Jackson Kocis
  • That I Would or Could Not Stand, Danielle Kropveld
  • Landscape of Toxic Ferns, Mary Maroste

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