The faculty and staff of University Libraries frequently present at state, regional, national and even international conferences. These are some of the presentations.


Presentations from 2024

Hidden Opportunity: The advantages of synchronizing multiple knowledge bases, Emily Gross, Soley Somma, and Jon Crossno

Presentations from 2023


Making Play Scripts Accessible to Students in the Library: A Lightning Talk, Michael J. Duffy IV

Presentations from 2012


New Directions: Faculty Use of Technology and Attitudes Toward Library Research Instruction, Dianna E. Sachs, Maria A. Perez-Stable, and Patricia Fravel Vander Meer

Presentations from 2010


Words to the Wise: Web Managers and Librarians Working it Out, Patricia F. Vander Meer, Maria A. Perez-Stable, and Maira Bundza

Presentations from 2009


How EVERYONE Can Use the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) to Teach Better, Maria A. Perez-Stable and Bruce Haight