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Although the library’s Web site has become a standard tool for seeking information and conducting research in academic institutions, there are a variety of ways libraries approach the often challenging — and sometimes daunting — process of Web site development and maintenance. Three librarians at Western Michigan University explored issues related to this topic by conducting a Web-based survey, which was sent to two librarians — Web services and reference / public services — at 149 academic institutions. Survey findings are discussed, including references to Web departments and committees, priority setting, Web authoring, soliciting input, outsourcing, content management systems, redesigns, and user involvement. The participants’ insights regarding greatest challenges and what seems to be working or not working well are also outlined, in addition to the authors’ suggestions for future research in this area.

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Bundza, Maira, Patricia Fravel Vander Meer, and Maria A. Perez-Stable. "Work of the Web Weavers: Web Development in Academic Libraries." Journal of Web Librarianship 3.3 (2009): 239-262.