Cultural anthropologists Reinhold Loeffler and Erika Friedl began to study the Boir Ahmadi, a Luri tribal people of southwestern Iran in 1965. Over the following 50 years and more than a dozen field seasons, they studied the livelihoods, philosophies, religious beliefs, women’s issues, children’s issues, and folklore of this tribe. They observed the changes to people’s lives and values through modernization and the Iranian revolution. Between them, Professors Loeffler and Friedl have published seven books and numerous articles in professional journals on their research in Iran. R Loeffler is an accomplished amateur photographer. In addition to his written publications, he has built a collection of some 6,400 color slides, 2,800 black and white images, and 1,400 meters of Super-8mm films of his fieldwork in Iran. These images are a selection from the collection.


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Anthropologist in the Field

Boir Ahmad province

Shrines in Boir Ahmad, Iran

Transhumance pastoralism

Sisakht, Boir Ahmad province, Iran

Development of education in Sisakht, Boir Ahmad, Iran

Pastoralism in Boir Ahmad, Iran

Agriculture in Boir Ahmad, Iran

Daily life in Boir Ahmad, Iran

Wedding ceremonies in Boir Ahmad, Iran

Ceremonies other than weddings in Boir Ahmad, Iran