Funda Yavuz

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering


Civil and Construction Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Haluk Aktan

Second Advisor

Dr. Upul Attanayake

Third Advisor

Dr. Valerian Kwigizile


Economic, impact, bridge, cost, business

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Traffic disruption due to bridge construction has been reduced to several hours with the development of methods characterized as Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC). Associated risks and additional activities involved with the accelerated construction result in an increased initial project cost. This additional cost is offset by the benefits of reduced mobility impact time such as maintenance of traffic cost, life-cycle cost, and economic impact on surrounding communities and businesses as well as the ability to address seasonal limitations. Traditionally, the savings in user cost from reduced mobility impact time is used to justify the additional cost of accelerated construction implementations. This thesis presents a comprehensive cost model for bridge construction that incorporates economic impact on surrounding communities and businesses. Economic impact model for surrounding communities and businesses incorporates user cost, environmental cost, and business revenue change. To demonstrate the application of economic impact analysis concepts and procedures, a case study was developed. The scope of the study is limited to construction duration.