Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Chemical and Paper Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. R. B. Valley

Second Advisor

Dr. E. H. Shriver

Third Advisor

Dr. R. Janes

Fourth Advisor

Mr. W. K. Forester

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


A review of literature relating sodium sulfite pretreatment during thermomechanical pulping to pulp physical properties revealed many contradictions. Thermomechanical pulping variables were studied for their effect on pulp physical properties. An improvement in pulp physical properties was observed above 1% sodium sulfite treatment. Regression analysis and analysis of variance showed that there was a significant effect of sodium sulfite on the reduction of shive content, pulp brightness, and tear index. Fiber length, tensile, burst, and density were not found to be significantly affected by the amount of sodium sulfite. Sodium sulfite treatment during thermomechanical pulping showed a negative relationship with yield and opacity. Blow pH was not affected by the concentration of sodium sulfite applied at different levels. Sodium sulfite addition reduced the power requirement by about 15% compared to thermomechanical pulping process.