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Master of Science


Geological and Environmental Sciences

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Dr. Christopher J. Schmidt

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Dr. W. Thomas Straw

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Sevier thrusting in the White Sulphur Springs area was associated with left-lateral movement along the Lewis and Clark line . During Middle Miocene time, the Lewis and Clark line exhibited right-lateral movement, forming extensional features that either truncated Sevier structures or followed preexisting Sevier zones of weakness.

The Smith River Valley is a pull-apart basin that is filled with Tertiary volcanic ash and clay-rich sediments that are thermally nonconductive relative to surrounding rocks.

Hydrothermal activity in the area is associated with a structurally controlled circulation system accompanied by a high thermal gradient. Thermal discharge is constrained along the north-trending White Sulphur Springs normal fault. Calculated reservoir temperatures ranging from 52° C (Na-K-Ca-Mg) to 99° C (Quartz) indicates that variable degrees of mixing occur. The estimated reservoir temperature (72° C ± 10° C) limits thermal development in the area to space heating and recreational use.

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