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Master of Arts



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Dr. Gerald Markle

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Dr. James Petersen

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Dr. Ronald Kramer

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


This study is a sociological analysis of the Depo- Provera Controversy. The strong programme in the sociology of science was the method employed for examining the social and political dimensions of the decision-making process underlying science and technology as it relates to the approval of Depo-Provera as a contraceptive in the United States. The data were consistent with the social constructionist perspective, rather than the positivistic view of science. In almost every instance, scientific conclusions followed alignment rather than arising from objective, universalistic analysis. Upjohn scientists and family planners concluded that Depo-Provera was safe and advocated its use; feminists and consumer advocates concluded the opposite. This analysis supports the view that science is inherently social and political.

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Sociology Commons