Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Dean W. Cooke

Second Advisor

Dr. Joseph Kanamueller

Third Advisor

Dr. Ralph K. Steinhaus

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


(R)-1, 2-Diethylaminopropane (N,N' -Etlpn) was prepared by LialH4 reduction of (R)-1-2-diacetamidopropane (m.p. 153.5°C). The [∝]D of N, N'-Melpn and N,N'-Etlpn was related to that of 1pn and was concentration dependent. (R)-1, 2-Dibenzylaminopropane was prepared. Complexes of trans, trans- and trans, cis-dinitrobis ((R)- 1, 2-diethylaminopropane) cobalt (III) were perpared. The hexadecadal rule was used to help assign the nitro oxygens of the complexes to sectors adjacent to the axial amine hydrogens and within the boundaries of the λ- chelate rings. The CD spectra was solvent dependent. The instability of trans-[Co (III)N4X2]+ complexes was related to the ammonia or 1,2-diamine ligand (N, N'B zlpn > N, N ' - Etlpn > N,N1- Eten > N, N' -Melpn > N,N'-Meen > NH3 >lpn), the trans-X groups ( Cl> Br> N02) and the counterion (C1> Br; C104; NO2) and the counterion (C1>Br; C104; NO3). NH4[Co(III)-(NH3)2(1,2-diamine)(S03)2] complexes were prepared, and trans-[Co (III)(NH3)2(1pn) Br2] Br and trans-[Co(III)(NH3)2- (1pn)Cl2]Cl were prepared from NH4[Co(III)(NH3)2(lpn)-(S03)2] using HBr or HCl.

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Chemistry Commons