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Master of Arts


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Clarence J. Goodnight

Second Advisor

Dr. Joseph Engemann

Third Advisor

Dr. William Van Deventer

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


A study of the effect of oil pollution on two intertidal areas of the Saudi Arabian Gulf coast was undertaken. One area was severely impacted by oil; the other was relatively clean. The organisms studied also indicated the effects of pollution were diatoms and blue-green algae.

Members of the diatom genus Amphora were more numerous in the clean water area than in the polluted section, confirming their preference for relatively clean habitats. Members of the diatom genus Asterionella, a more resistant group, were much more abundant in the polluted area.

Blue-green algae which also tolerate pollution were also more abundant in the polluted waters. Together these organisms are excellent indicators of the quality of the environment in which they are found.

Due to the fact that information regarding the dynamics of the biota of the Arabian Gulf is relatively scarce, it is impossible at this time to make recommendations for improving the situation. There is a serious need for the development of methods and laws for controlling this problem of pollution. Unfortunately, at present/ political problems are such that there is little hope of such agreements being developed.

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Biology Commons