Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Music



First Advisor

Dr. Ramon Zupko

Second Advisor

Dr. Curtis Curtis-Smith

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


"Progression” is a musical composition in three movements written for two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two violins, two violas, two cellos, double bass, and percussion. The instrumentation was chosen for the purpose of providing a balance of many timbres without employing an ensemble of large proportions.

"Progression" was composed with a concept in mind. That concept involved the interaction of mankind and nature, and was simply the creative inspiration for the piece. No attempt should be made to extract the concept from the piece upon hearing it, since it is music to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Musically, "Progression" is unique because it incorporates a very transient sense of tonality while still utilizing many traditional musical elements such as simple rhythms, themes, and goal-oriented harmonic language. "Progression" is within the performance capabilities of most well trained college students.

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Music Commons