Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Dale Brethower

Second Advisor

Dr. Norman Peterson

Third Advisor

Dr. Barbara Fulton

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


This study examined the various relationships between the assertive content of a structured phone call and the probabilities of obtaining an interview in a program designed to generate new assertive behaviors for women entering the workforce. This study was implemented in the setting of a job finding program. It was shown that the difference between calls that produced interviews and those that didn't was a higher percentage of component use in those calls that resulted in an interview. In addition, the utilization of two specific assertive components when placing a call was associated with, a higher probability of obtaining an interview. Interpretations of these results indicate that the current procedures of this job finding program could be refined by stressing more assertive behavior techniques as well as providing continuous prompting and rehearsal of behaviors learned.