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Master of Arts



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Dr. Lewis Walker

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Dr. James Petersen

Third Advisor

Dr. Edsel Erickson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Much of the previous research on the relationship between religiosity and juvenile delinquency suggests that religiosity does not deter its adherents from moving toward anti-social behavior. Using a quite narrow definition of Christian, this conclusion was tested. Three questions were posed: (1) Does knowledge of religious status aid in predicting delinquency?: (2) Do Christians engage in less delinquency?; and (3) Do Christians with higher levels of religious commitment engage in less delinquency? The answer to each question is "No." There is very little difference between Christian and non-Christian delinquency patterns. The only significant difference uncovered was with life time delinquency patterns, but this cannot be attributed to religious status. Further research is needed to determine which variables caused this difference. More work also needs to be done to clarify the relationship between religious commitment and behavior.

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Sociology Commons