Date of Award


Degree Name

Specialist in Education


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Carol F. Sheffer

Second Advisor

Dr. Donald Weaver

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


A directory of self-help organizations in Vermilion County, Illinois, was developed as a project to complete the requirements of the Specialist in Education degree through the Department of Education Leadership at Western Michigan University. The intern's training placement was with the Vermilion County Community 708 Mental Health Board, a mental health funding agency.

It was determined that the majority of self-help groups in Vermilion County were not listed in any existing directory and that a directory of self-help groups was needed. A self-help group directory was completed and a spring conference co-sponsored by his Vermilion County Council of Social Agencies and the Danville Area Community College was planned with self-help groups as a topic.