Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Business Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Earl Halvas

Second Advisor

Dr. Margaret Sanders

Third Advisor

Dr. Edward Heinig

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Data were collected by means of a questionnaire sent to 92 Maple Valley Office Block students who graduated in the years 1976-1981 to determine if students are adequately prepared to acquire entry-level clerical/secretarial positions and to adjust to positions in business. Sixty-five questionnaires were returned for a 70% return.

Over 70% of the respondents were employed at the time the survey was conducted. Over 90% indicated the use of keyboarding equipment on the job. Almost 60% of the respondents used shorthand or machine transcription on the job. Frequent job responsibilities included filing, business machine usaqe, telephone usage, receiving visitors, and daily mail responsibilities. Tasks reported less frequently included banking responsibilities and preparing travel itineraries.

Respondents emphasized the importance of developing nonskill and skill areas in finding, learning, and keeping a job. Personal development, human relations, and office procedures were evaluated as very important instructional units studied in office block.

Recommendations included gaining accessibility to computers and word processors. More typing time should be provided. Other recommendations included curriculum additions. Because of austere budgets in public schools, business teachers must critically evaluate course content and design methods and materials usable in existing classes to meet student and business needs.