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Specialist in Education


Science Education

First Advisor

Dr. John D. Grace

Second Advisor

Dr. Lloyd Schmaltz

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Seven ceramic types from excavated Anasazi sites on Black Mesa were examined petrographically in order: (1) to obtain an accurate description of the geologic tempering m aterial; (2) to determine if specific ceramic types from Black Mesa and the surrounding area share a common area of manufacture; and (3) to compare the tempering material in the ceramics with the mineralogical components in the Wepo and Toreva Formations in order to determine if the ceramic items contain locally available material.

Each of the ceramic types examined appear to have had more than one manufacturing locus. Only Black Mesa Black-on-white has temper which suggests the use of local sandstone, the Wepo Formation. The Sosi Black-on-white, Dogoszhi Black-on-white, San Juan Red Ware, Tsegi Orange Ware, Kana-a Gray and Tusuyan Corrugated contain non-locally available material suggesting manufacture elsewhere, and from which can be inferred the presence of an organized exchange network.